Diagnosis and Treatment

Stabilizing the Bite

Orthotic Appliance

After recording and analyzing all of the diagnostic information compiled from the K7, you will return to the office for your first stage of treatment (3rd visit). Here is where we stabilize your bite in the correct Neuromuscular position.

For most patients, the first step is to stabilize the bite by creating a custom Orthotic appliance to be worn on the teeth so your teeth fit together in the correct Neuromuscular position. The orthotic is custom made for each individual patient, based on the statistical data derived from molds of the teeth and the tests recorded on the K7. When the jaws are aligned correctly, the surrounding muscles, jaw and joints can operate in harmony, relieving them of stress, strain and pain. Most patients feel relief within the first several weeks.

Wearing the orthotic trains or reprograms the muscles to go to their ideal position. Since the muscles have been tense for such a long period of time, it may take a little while for them to relax into a comfortable position. It usually takes about three months to stabilize the bite and  ensure that their symptoms are gone.

Once symptoms are relieved and the bite has been stabilized, Dr. Morgan will move on to the next step to permanently stabilize your bite to the correct position.